Linux Educational Resources


Why Learn Linux?

One of the most fundamental aspects of Linux is the learning and education it not only promotes but provides. Some people who have spent many years using a point-and-click type operating system claim that Linux is difficult and confusing to use. Years ago, this may have been the case but not anymore as can be noticed from the global adoption rate of Linux based distributions such as Ubuntu and Mint. Linux is being deployed globally at an exponential rate and as such there is no better time than the present to learn how to work with the technology either at a user level or from a developers perspective.

Users enjoy Linux because it can usually be obtained for free, is very well supported by the community, is very robust against viruses and malware and has a very large database of free software that is easy to install and use. Once a person learns the basics of a Linux based operating system, many find it more enjoyable and easier to use than most proprietary alternatives. Some people will often have a Linux OS installed as a primary working space with some form of proprietary system as an alternative for selective tasks. Whatever the case or configuration, learning Linux either as a primary space or alternative system is beneficial from an educational and practical perspective.

Developers avidly enjoy the Linux operating system as it provides a freedom unmatched by any other platform. One of the greatest strengths of Linux is that it is a completely open source development meaning that the user is granted complete access to the entire system and thus can change or modify it to their liking. I once heard a person explain Linux as being like an erector set; inside the box is everything a person needs to build whatever they can dream up with instructions and examples to get started with a few basic ideas. Development in cross-platform languages such as C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and a host of others are easily accomplished on a Linux system. Coupled with the worlds most powerful command line tools, development on Linux is unmatched by any other platform available.

In short, the education category here at EBLUG has been designed to provide other Linux and FOSS enthusiasts with a resource to various pages and information to help navigate the Linux community areas that provide both education and support for Linux and open source technology.