Security Now!


For the delight of our security minded visitors we have podcasts from Security Now! Hosted by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson. Security Now! covers all systems and topics related to security. For more from Security Now! visit their YouTube channel or visit the archives at Gibson Research Corp (GRC).

Steve Gibson is an American computer enthusiast, software engineer and security researcher. In the early 80's, Gibson was best known for his work on light pen technology for use with Apple and Atari systems. In 1985, Gibson founded Gibson Research Corporation, best known for its SpinRite software.

Leo Laporte owns and operates a podcast network, Its shows are available on iTunes and other podcast subscription services. He began his association with computers with his first home PC, an Atari 400. Laporte said he purchased his first Macintosh in 1984. He operated one of the first Macintosh-only bulletin board systems, MacQueue, from 1985 to 1988.


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