Learning the Linux command line is easier than the average word processor!

(and more fun)


Sometimes, people who have never used Linux as a user operating system have the misconception that to use Linux requires in-depth study of the command line. While some of this myth was true in the early 90’s when Linux was still very young, the truth is quite different now. So many people over the years have contributed development to the various Linux types that use of the command line has been reduced to almost “zero” for the average technology user. However, there are still many benefits to learning the Linux command line that would require significant labor-intensive operations through a graphical user interface.

The following website from William Shotts Jr. (based on his book) provides an excellent primer for those who have the desire to learn how truly easy, yet powerful, operations can be accomplished with just a few keystrokes through a terminal prompt.

The Linux Command Line


Nixie Pixel gives a short demo of some of the fun that can be had at the command line